We have a valuable and diverse team of volunteers.

Our volunteer opportunities include helping staff with events, tours, workshops and other activities.

Our volunteers bring added value to our visitor experience. For example, a volunteer with an interest in history is able to share their knowledge guiding our visitors around our historical site. On our information desk, volunteers chat to visitors about Somerset House, its history and our programme.

"It’s an absolute joy and I always look forward to my volunteer role with enthusiasm"

Janet, volunteer


We give volunteers the support and training they need to support them in their role. We have a Volunteer Manager who coordinates and facilitates training with our volunteers on regular basis. You decide how much time you can give – some of our volunteers help us for a limited period, while others have been with us for years.

We hope that volunteers receive some of the following benefits:

  • Put existing experience to good use
  • Be challenged
  • Learn a new skill
  • Gain references for a job or further education
  • Be supported by a professional, experienced team
  • Have an enjoyable experience and join our community

In return, we ask for your commitment, reliability and an interest in exploring Somerset House.

Our policy is that volunteers at Somerset House never act as a substitute for paid employees and the Trust does not recruit volunteers to replace or displace them.

‘It’s a lovely building, built in historically interesting times, and nowadays is really buzzing with activity. I feel very lucky to be a part of it’

Barbara, volunteer

Future opportunities

We are seeking volunteers to assist with Spring and Summer events including Now Play This 2019 - an annual games festival in April, Sony World Photography Awards and Photo London 2019 - a major international photography event.

These roles are all about helping our visitors to explore and enjoy our events and activities and get something special from their time at Somerset House. We hope you will too..

We’ll supply the information, training and support. We need your enthusiasm, interest and willingness to learn and interact with our visitors.


Please email volunteer@somersethouse.org.uk for more information about Spring and Summer volunteer roles and how to get involved.