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Get Up Stand Up Now Masterclass: New Notions Of Archiving

Sat 10 Aug 2019
11.00 - 16.00
£18.00/ £15.00 inc. exhibition entry

The next edition of our quarterly masterclass series explores new approaches to archiving. Looking across disciplines, including publishing, music, film and photography.

Held in association with Get Up Stand Up Now, this is an opportunity to see how new platforms contrast with original archives, referencing and reshaping their look, feel and investigative opportunities for professional organisations and enthusiasts alike.

The masterclass begins with process lead presentations on contemporary approaches to cataloguing and archiving including:

From Film to Photography: Annabelle Alcazar was married to Get Up Stand Up Now's radical filmmaker Horace Ove for 25 years. Taking his archive of film work and photography under her care in Trinidad and transporting it to the UK for the exhibition. Annabelle shares anecdotes of their joint production projects, processes and her broader experience across documentaries, music videos and film festivals.

Pioneering Publishers: 50 years ago Jessica and Eric Huntley founded the radical London based publishing house Bogle-L’Ouverture Publications. The Huntley Archives tells the story of Black British creativity, social community activism and charts their innovations in the arts, education and publishing.

Global Sounds: This year Pedro Montenegro began cataloguing Gilles Peterson’s personal music collection, as DJ and Founder to a number of influential record labels and online radio station Worldwide FM, Gilles’ collection offers Pedro a new and extensive opportunity to work with, whilst building a publicly shared collection online at #gillespetersonrecordcollection 

The thought provoking presentations will be followed by a visit to the Get Up Stand Up Now exhibition, to see the cross disciplinary ways of working come to life through personal archives, private collections and new commissions.

After the lunch break the contributors will proceed to lead a skill sharing activity to provide you with new ideas, skills and perspectives to take away.


Annabelle Alcazar worked as a film and TV producer for over 25 years in the U.K, India, and many Caribbean islands before emigrating to Trinidad in the mid-1990’s. She was line producer on many music videos made there including for Jay-Z, Eric Benet and Rihanna as well as documentaries and a short drama called Dubois directed by Kaz Ove starring Eamonn Walker. From 2007 to 2018 she was Programme Director at the trinidad+tobago film festival. 

The FHALMA Foundation draw from the wealth of objects in the Huntley Archives -- deposited at the City of London’s London Metropolitan Archives, FHALMA develops interventionist art, education and heritage projects, such as No Colour Bar: Black British Art in Action 1960-1990, that animate Black contributions to British culture. Together they change attitudes, practices and upturn received knowledge across wider society, by acting as a focal point to highlight and celebrate the struggles that convey the Black British experience. FHALMA’s work is underscored by the values of the Huntleys’ campaigns of resistance, anti-racist, socio-political interventions and their fiercely determined support for new Black artistic talent and equipping young people about knowledge of themselves through educational initiatives.

Pedro Montenegro was born in Rio de Janeiro and has always been driven by music. Before moving to London, two years ago, he was executive producer at Circo Voador, one of the most praised music venues in Brazil. He has also worked at two different labels, Bolacha Discos (Brazil) and Far Out Recordings (UK), as well as at Baratos da Ribeiro, a record shop in Rio, plus promoted a few gigs here and there. Since March Pedro has been working with Gilles Peterson’s (DJ, influential record label owner, broadcaster and founder of Worldwide FM) to archive his records; and has been developing his personal process of cataloguing with Gilles’ guidance in order to do so.