We Can all be Influencers: Building your brand in the digital era


Thu 13 Jun 2019
17.00 - 19.00
Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

Join us for our first Creative Careers Open Skills event of 2019 focusing on Communication (Marketing) Skills delivered by specialist James Bishop.

James will take us through a group workshop posing questions along the way and reflecting on his practice with your communication ideas.  Learn tips and insider knowledge to strengthen your online identity, brand and beyond,

  • How to build an awesome personal brand: What is your tone? What are your passions? What are you good at? What topics resonate with you?
  • How to find your brand niche and purpose: What’s the purpose of your posts? Reviewing? Debating? Informing? Entertaining?
  • Finding the platforms that work best for the type of content you are creating - do you need to set up new social media profiles?
  • How to make better content, for free!
  • How regularly should you be posting?
  • 5 easy ways to get more engagement and activity on your social media accounts
  • Practical tips and advice on some actionable next steps


James Bishop is an entrepreneur and media connoisseur at heart. Having founded bar staff hire agency Hire The Barman in 2009, he sold the business in 2014 and spent the ensuing year at Goalhanger Films making sports documentaries. Since then, James has invested his time and boundless energy (twice an Ironman finisher) in consulting. His areas of expertise are podcasting and content marketing. From the latest vlogger feuds to the most recent Instagram algorithm update, James knows more about the content world than he will readily admit! His entrepreneurial spirit is infectious - he spent five years volunteering at Young Enterprise UK, where he mentored thousands of young people, helping them expand their knowledge of all things digital. Today you might find James at his newly launched podcast production studio, OneFinePlay. Started as a side-hustle and founded on a hunch, OneFinePlay is redefining purpose-driven marketing, embracing the meteoric rise of audio over the last couple of years.

Over the next few months, join us as we bring together a range of specialists and industry insiders to help demystify the language and articulate some of the working methods and processes that go hand in hand alongside a career in the creative industries. Start to create your own network with fellow peers to shape your own creative careers and journey to success, finding influence and inspiration along the way to keep those creative cogs on the move…

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